Meet Tasha Tex – Alt Girl


Full Name? Tasha teixeira 

Any Nicknames? Tashi / Tex / Texie 

Age? 28

Twitter? No 

Instagram? Tasitex7 

Facebook? Tashi Tex 

Snapchat? TashiTex

Town and Country? Guildford Surrey UK

Brief Description about yourself

Brunette, short 5ft 4, really into my fitness. Qualified hairdresser and dental nurse. Animal lover.

Love a night out with the girls. But also love a night in with a curry. 

Love cars

Parents are Portuguese so I travel to Portugal 2/3 times a year.

Any Tattoos Piercings? Yes 

If so where and why?

One on my chest – in Portuguese

One on the top of my back – in Portuguese 

One on lower back – (tribal) -(I was 15) don’t judge.

One on my right hip (which I’m due to have a cover up on soon) 

Favourite Type of Music

Old school RnB, hip hop, house music

Favourite Artists and Why?

Love Beyoncé have loved her since I was little she’s unreal live.

Multiple house music artists.

Just love old school artists like 50 cent, snoop dogg, usher, nelly, missy elliot etc.

Favourite Bands and Why?

Coldplay- they have some tunes at the moment. Love Chris Martin, just something about him. 

Kasabian- once and a while they bring out really good tunes. 

Favourite Song and Why?

Candy shop – 50 cent 

Just because … the memories that song brings .. ha ha 

Favourite Movie?

Oh I have so many! Love a horror. Love old school comedy’s anything with Jim Carey in. For example,The mask.

First Ever Gig/Concert?


Whats your Ideal Night Out?

With my best friend zoe any night with her always ends one way! 

Bums or Boobs?


Your Favourite Feature?

My feet. Ha ha 

Whats your alcohol of choice?


Who is your ultimate Girl Crush?

Kim kardashian 

Who is your ultimate Guy Crush?

Charlie hunnam 

Sneakers or Heels?

Heels all day long! 



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