Mel Clarke – Revisited


Still the Coolest girl on the Planet


As we are preparing for the relaunch of Front Magazine here in the next couple of weeks, we only see it fitting to relive some of our most famous cover girls like Mellisa Clarke. Better know as Mel Clarke.

Mel has graced so many of our pages in the past that we thought it would be only fair to revisit her and give our readers a look at the past and the now.

She is still modeling for premier sites and covers like Suicide Girls, however Mel is killing the electronic scene as a DJ. She recently made the statement.

“I’m not just a pretty face while the guys do all the work. I actually know what I’m doing!”

We have no doubt you do Mel….


Mel has been hitting the circuit hard all over the UK and abroad with new dates set in Australia during the month of November.
Check the dates:

  1. Melbourne 11/4 -11/9
  2. Sydney 11/10 – 11-13
  3. Gold Coast 11/16 – 11/20
  4. Melbourne 11/20 – 11/25

Blast from the past….


Photos courtesy of VK.COM

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