MUSINK -2017

KROQ Presents: Travis Barker’s 10th Annual Musink

Let me start out by saying I wish I would’ve attended all three days of Musink. However after the the day I had, I honestly don’t think I would manage it. Musink is a three-day tattoo convention, car show and concert series in Orange County CA. The lineup for this madness was intense. Featuring Punkrock legends like NOFX, The Used, Bad Religion and Pennywise.


Our adventure starts with my friend Holly. Who is my driver for events, normally because I’m hammered through out the events. This event is definitely no different! Holly grabs me at 9:30 am for our 2.5hr trek to Costa Mesa (OC). Believe it or not the traffic was super light and if you know anything about the LA traffic, It’s never light.Safe and sound with time to kill before the gates open. We met up with Kristine, our contact for Musink for our credentials.

First stop inside Musink was the Famous Stars and Straps  / Tribal Streetwear “Slow n Low Car Show.” These cars are amazing in all the detail to say the least. Trying to explain on how incredible these cars are is almost impossible. Everything from paint, chrome and upholstery. Every detail was thought of in these vehicles. Some of these cars,that I was told range from $60k-$125K.

Seeing that we got there at gate opening we took the advantage of it being empty to visit our sponsors at BlackFlys and Sullen Clothing. It’s always good times when the family’s get together at events. Especially since we like to party! After sometime of talking story and finding out how crazy the first 2 days were we were excited to get this day going. From what we were told our media bracelets gave us entry to the VIP lounge. Turns out if we were here the earlier days we would’ve been fine, just not today. Good thing we have good people over at Sullen. Jeremy Hanna (Co-Owner) shot us the VIP treatment.  Free drinks for the whole day at Johnny’s Saloon. You can’t beat that.

The convention had some serious talent working the booths like Jack Rudy, Nikko Hurtado, Big Gus, Bob Tyrell and many more. Everyone was slammed back and the ink was flowing through out the day. By 2pm the place was crawling with spectators and enthusiasts to the point you really couldn’t even walk the inside of the convention. So we headed outside to see our good friends at The Body Art bus before their appointments filled in. Joey has been a friend of mine since Rock the Arts and was telling us that they have expanded. The second bus is a 35′ state of the art tattoo shop on wheels. Trust us when we say we are going to start doing FRONT events in Southern California, the Body Art bus will be FRONT and center. Time to hit the bar!

Eventually after about 5-6 beers the rest of the family shows up at Johnny’s and this is when the party begins. My good friends Dave Duncan and Eddie Reategui are total beasts. For those who don’t know who these 2 cats are, well they have been in skateboarding as pros for over 30 yrs and are the original Daggers. Anyway. Seeing that I didn’t have any real need to see Unwritten Law, due to past tun in with them. We carried away getting wasted until it was time to judge the Miss Musink Pageant hosted by Bernadette Macias. Probably the fastest 10min of the entire night but we all chose Brianna as our number one pick so it was a no brainer. Congrats Bree!

Back to the bar for some more drinks before we head up to take the stage again, only this time it’s full backstage access for Pennywise. As always they put on a hell of a show to what appeared to be around 2000+ people. If you have never been in front of a crowd that size, let’s just say it’s fucking amazing. The show went off without a hitch and ended with what looked like 100 people on stage singing along their infamous “Bro Hymn.” Turns out that while we lost Dave on stage, he was up front singing backup vocals.

By this time we are all in full party mode and the drinks are pouring backstage with some killer BBQ while Bad Religion are setting up. Being backstage was a experience in itself but you really don’t get the full experience of the show so we decided to take full advantage of the VIP area for the finale. Bad Religion just absolutely killed it. I haven’t seen them perform since I was a teenager during the palladium days and the show has only gotten better over the years.

See you next year!