New Trailer Released for Guardians of the Galaxy 2


One of the most hotly anticipated comic book movies of 2017, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, has had a second trailer released after being unveiled yesterday at Brazil Comic Con.

Following on from the 2014 surprise summer hit that showed comic book movies can actually be a lot of fun (DC, seriously, please take note), the story will involve the search for Star-Lord’s father, who in a departure from the character’s comic book history has been stated to be a being with the self-explanatory moniker of Ego the Living Planet. It will also likely feature the Guardians dealing with their newfound fame and being called upon once again to save the galaxy from the threat of annihilation, which may well have something to do with the Lovecraftian space monster the trailer shows at judicious intervals.

The trailer also features flashes of the same intense action and snarky humour that made the first movie so popular, along with lots and lots of Baby Groot, who must be the cutest CGI creation in six months since Finding Dory introduced us to its heroine as a child. All of which is soundtracked by some ‘70s glam rock. Obviously.

It’s rather telling that despite the trailer not actually giving clues to any twists and turns the plot may take, it nevertheless leaves us pumped up for the film’s release, and thinking that May can’t get here fast enough. Not bad for a property that just three years ago hardly anyone had ever heard of.

Feast yer eyes:


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