Night at The Cave – The Expendables


The Expendables were amazing as always, in a intimate scenario that only The Cave Big Bear can offer.

As you guys know I have moved from the Huntington Beach and surrounding area up the mountain. So I have to get friendly with the locals here and do some coverage of my new home….. So first off I would like to thank Danny Crucial and all the staff for letting us enjoy the best place for music on the mountain. Although I really didn’t get my media pass, I was on the list from with some friends with Blackflys Eyewear.

With only a small line check and a crowded house. First on stage was Pacific Dub who was actually a great opening band. We did get in the club a little late, I’d wished I could have heard the Pacific’s full set as they had filled The Cave with dancing fans throughout the venue.


Seeing this is a small venue, not like what I’m used to covering. I did not receive my media credentials to interview the bands or get really good shot’s of the crowd for you wankers but I did have a hell of a good time….. good people and drinks on the mountain thanks to The Cave. Next week I’m there for The English Beat and see whats in store? Maybe some live feeds on our instagram…. stay posted!

Visit The Cave Big Bear online for showtimes.


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