Night of the Slasher Released Online

Via Modern Horrors

Let’s see: a cute busty girl strips half-naked and dances provocatively around her home, then shamelessly imbibes alcohol, sparks up a joint and has sex on the sofa. If you are in any way familiar with slasher movies you might think you know where this is going. But you’d be wrong.

Night of the Slasher is a short film that takes place at a hazy point halfway between the traditional slasher flicks of the 1980s and the exercises in self-referential postmodernism they have largely become ever since Scream mercilessly deconstructed the subgenre 20 years ago.

Director Shant Hamassian’s straight presentation of well-known and well-worn tropes is intended to parody them, but it’s clear that the decision to do so comes from a place of affection rather than ridicule, while the engaging twist he gives on proceedings prevents things from becoming entirely predictable. Although only running to a mere 11 minutes, it feels a lot longer (in a good way) due to the heightened tension courtesy of the whole short having been seemingly filmed in one single unrelenting and unbroken shot.

Via Short of the Week

The short received wide acclaim when it was released to critics last year, and was accepted into so many festivals that its banner picture almost ran out of space for all the laurels. You can watch the film below, and it’s worth far more than the small amount of time it takes to do so.