Nokia 3310 Re-launch Rumoured


The most iconic phone of the noughties era (and potentially ever) is making a comeback. The Nokia 3310 will be revealed at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) at the end of this month. It’s rumoured to be priced at €59 (£50).

Nokia 3310 via YouTube
Via YouTube

No changes to the formula

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, and since the near-indestructable 3310 cannot break, there’s nothing to fix. As a result, the relaunched phone will be exactly like the original with all the basic but unforgettable features. These include: SMS messaging, alarm clock, calculator, profiles and (drumroll) most important of all, Snake.

“The most reliable phone ever”

While of course in this day and age the consumers might demand more features, the 3310 will be advertised as a reliable backup phone. With its seemingly infinite battery life and a body that can withstand a hit from Thor’s hammer, the Nokia 3310 will always be there for you whenever your iPhone is on its 4th charge of the day or your Samsung is exploding in your face.

Who needs a breakable touchscreen? Via Flickr

The timing of the phone’s release is impeccable as Donald Trump’s wall is creating a huge demand for indestructible bricks. The only issue being that if someone rung the phone-made wall, the vibrations would cause earthquakes all over North America.

On a more serious note, Nokia 3310 was one of the first mobile phones of its kind and paved the way for future mobiles to come. It was one of the first phones with an internal antenna. It allowed the user to create their own ringtones and (did I mention this?) it has Snake.

Nokia phones are now produced by a Finnish Company HMD Global who bought the rights to the Nokia brand last year. Alongside the 3310 the company will also reveal its other, most likely less impressive phones: The Nokia 3, 5 and 6 during the MWC event.


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