Photographer Danny Baldwin launches SKIN DEEP exhibition

In April, Danny will be hosting his exhibition ‘SKIN DEEP’ in celebration of the rise of tattooed male models in the fashion industry. Many agencies have changed from only representing models with no tattoos, or those which could easily be hidden, to creating huge campaigns specifically focused on tattooed individuals.

“Over the past few years I started to notice a marked change in the models who worked in front of my camera. In just a short space of time they changed from being fresh faced and clean cut blank canvases, to the sort of models usually referred to as alternative – individuals with an edge of defiance, whose tattoos represent the ownership they have over their bodies.”

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“With Skin Deep I want to show a wider audience something that is visually stimulating and celebrates how these people are breaking the mould of what others think by being true to themselves in an elite industry and expressing who they are through the medium of tattooing.”

Mr Baldwin and the team have spent almost two years working on this project which is now ready to be debuted at Contini Art UK in London.
From 7 – 14 April SKIN DEEP will be open for public viewing at Contini Art UK.

If you havn’t already, check out SKIN DEEP over at: