Red Dead Trailer Released !

Twitter Lost its Shit

Words by: Lukas Chomicki

After long years of speculation Rockstar has finally announced the sequel to their hit game Red Dead Redemption.

The first sign of the announcements came on Sunday when Rockstar made social media lose it’s shit simply by changing their logo colours to red and black. The hype grew as they posted a Wild West themed silhouette picture the day after.

What Does the Red Dead Trailer Mean !?!?

And just to tickle your anticipation even more, they dropped a teaser trailer to go with the announcement.

The brief trailer shows some gorgeous western landscapes and towns and eventually cuts to an unknown voice talking about not looking back (this might mean the game isn’t a prequel). At the end of the trailer 7 cowboys ride past a plain. This most likely indicates the multiplayer mode which has already been announced but maybe also hints at running your own gang?

The game is slated for release in Fall 2017 on PS4 and Xbox One. Like with many other Rockstar launches, it is sad news for the PC master race as there hasn’t been any mention of release on PC as of yet.