Sabroso Taco Fest


It’s another beautiful day in Southern California as we embarked to the Sabroso Taco Festival at Doheny State Beach / Dana Point. Sponsored by KLOS and Powered by Gringo Bandito.

The sky is blue, the weather is warm and we are about to eat and drink some of the best tacos and craft beers in SoCal! It’s a 3 hour drive from where I live and by the end of the night it was well worth the the traffic through LA’s chaotic freeway jams.

Gates opened at 10am and there was little over 200 people enjoying the sun when we arrived (noon I think), most of them were getting filled with FREE Craft Beer and $3 gourmet tacos before the swarms of people flooded the venue.

We arrived just in time for the Slide Bar, “Battle of the Bands” winner Fuse by Defiance. These guys have that Nu-Metal sound and definitely killed their set. Shame was that there wasn’t a crowd worthy of hearing these guys rock! The energy they put out was worthy of a large audience but not wasted because if giving the chance, I would see them again and again.

After seeing Fuse by Defiance we wondered around and tasted a few beers until we came to Left Coast Brewing Company out of San Clemente, CA. They by far had the best beer out of what we had sampled. To be fair we didn’t get to sample everyone and if we did we wouldn’t be standing for too long. Left Coast had a Blonde Ale that was too good to pass up. It had a rich flavor and potent as fuck. That explains why I loved it so much and made Left Coast my main stop for brewery through out the day. After a few double fists of 2oz beers we stumbled across the first Lucha Libre wrestling match. Can’t say who won or who was who with the masks but it was entertaining and a match of unequal sizes. Short story, the little guy took Goliath down after being tossed around like a rag doll. If you have never seen a Lucha match, do it drunk so that you can talk shit. Trust me.

Time to eat, so we ventured off on the hunt for the perfect gourmet tacos. We decided to stop at our good friends, Black Fly’s for the scoop. Turns out that Chronic Tacos was located right around the corner from their booth. Remember me telling you the crowds were not in attendance yet? Yeah it was perfect timing because we were starving and the lines were still manageable. After snatching up a 6 pak tacos we headed to Dulce Vida Tequila. Nothing is finer than some cold beer, shots and tacos before the next band hit the stage. I love flashing a card from FRONT because Dulce took super good care of us with lines of 50 or more people waiting for free shots. I personally took a liking to their “Perfect Paloma” shot. By now the alcohol is flowing and I’m feeling good about the surroundings and the events that are gonna unfold.

With a few more bands in the lineup before the headliners took stage. We sat in the grass and listened to what appeared to be metal mixed with mariachi music, I introduce you to Metalachi. As weird as it sounds. They had the crowd and they owned the scene. Apparently they were on “America’s Got Talent” in 2015. By the time we finished enjoying the insane mix of Metalachi we looked around and notice the crowd size had tripled in size, mostly on the part that Unwritten Law and headliners were setting up to take their sets along with Lit, Rival Sons, Sum41 and The Offspring.

Sum41 took the the show. Hands down! They came out like a powerhouse and rocked the venue. It has been a number of years since I sat back and enjoyed a full set. Shit I even got knocked on to my face when they broke out into a Metallica jam. The crowd went insane to the point that even being knocked down from the pulsing crowd didn’t matter. To give credit to all the bands that played and some of them played the same old sets, Sum41 took the whole show. We decided to chill and just listen to the rest of the bands after Sum41 played.

No show is complete without the the taco eating contest. This was pure intense eating from some of the worlds best eaters. I could only hold down 3 or 4 of these gourmet tacos and yet Chronic Tacos who we ate with earlier was sponsoring the contest didn’t hold back. These delectable street tacos were filled to the max! Takeru Kobayashi took the prize with a killer performance, 159 tacos. You would think this would be a large cat with a appetite to destroy, well he destroyed and Kobayashi is by far a big guy. From the looks of him, he only weighs 150lb wet. Sources say it’s his 7th straight win.

Overall the whole Sabroso Taco Fest is a great time for family and friends. No need to be there super early because it’s a long day and you have to save some energy for the concert that comes late in the day. Be sure to bring plenty of cash for the great food and fill up early in the day, as the day progresses so do the lines for tacos and beer.

*** Special thanks to Kristine who as always takes great care of us at FRONT. This was a sold out show of over 8,500 people and she still managed to get us in last minute.

Additional photo credits: Stephanie Cabral


“Try not to become such a man of success, but more of a man of value! I love spending time with my family or just spending time with close friends and making the most out of life with no drama!

Just trying to look at things in a positive and optimistic manner!”

Eddie wasn’t just a friend, he was family to all that knew him. Eddie was struggling with addiction and took control of it by helping people with addiction in a Castaic treatment center after returning from Utah. Unfortunately the addiction took him back. From what I know I was the last person to talk to him and he was planning a trip to Big Bear for a week to get his thoughts in order. I received the call the next day that he had overdosed. Every family memeber, blood or not have been crushed by the news. Even as I write this and dedicate it to my brother, I’m in tears and crushed. I think I can speak for the whole family, we miss him dearly……. I hope you are at peace Eddie, we love you!




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