Savannah Blake


Model – Savannah Blake
Photographer – IamAsaPhotography


Full Name? Savannah Blake
Any Nicknames? Sav

Age? 24

Twitter? Savannahblakexo

Instagram? Savannahblakexo

I have a brand new Twitter and Instagram so not much content just yet!

Facebook? No

Snapchat? princesstiz

Town and Country? Warrington, UK

Brief Description about yourself? I’m 24, obsessed with mermaids, princesses and unicorns and I’m a gym bunny, fitness is my one.

Any Tattoos Piercings? Loads of tattoos, and Erm 6 piercings.

If so where and why? Tattoos – too many to explain where they all are but some I’ve got are a half sleeve, under boobs, hip and shin. And I just like tattoos, always wanted loads so that’s why. And piercings I’ve got my ears, septum, nose, nipples and belly button. Again, I like piercings so that’s why I got them.

Favourite Type of Music – RnB, Grime, Hip Hop, that sort of stuff.

Favourite Artists and Why – Even though he’s none of the above, Justin Bieber. Been a belieber since he came about and I just love a good sing and dance to his stuff. I love how cheesy he is. And I’m loving party next door at the minute!

Favourite Bands and Why – I don’t really have a favourite band as such.

Favourite Song and Why? Erm again I don’t really have a favourite song. It changes all the time.

Favourite Movie? Pearl Harbour and Little Mermaid

First Ever Gig/Concert? Hear Say

Whats your Ideal Night Out? Doing something exciting or different. I prefer grabbing some food and then like bowling or crazy golf. Not a fan of clubs and stuff.

Bums or Boobs? I’m a lover of them both, but a good bum is a winner.

Your Favourite Feature? My teeth and bum

Whats your alcohol of choice? Sambuca

Who is your ultimate Girl Crush? I have a million, but my main girls are Larissa Reis, Paige Hathaway, Becky Holt and Mercedes Edison. Obsessed with them all, they’re amazing.

Who is your ultimate Guy Crush? Got to be JB. Zac Efron aswell!

Sneakers or Heels? Get you a girl who can do both!



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