Skateboarding in Third World Countries


No School, No Skateboarding.

Being from the states, we tend to take so much for granted. Our school systems, access to unlimited data and our everyday greed upon resources. It’s not until you see what I’m about to show you, that you start to see what the world is around you.


First off imagine these are your sidewalks. Filled with goat herders on their natural paths of work. Can’t honestly imagine trying to catch a full line on this clay road. This is the everyday atmosphere of Janwaar village. A village of settlers that were relocated from the nearby forest area.

Life is a simple one in the village, they don’t have all the distractions that we have in the rest of the world but thankfully because of a German Community activist named Ulrike Reinhard. Janwaar Castle was born. A free skatepark for the children of the village. However it does come with a small price…… In order to skate, you have to attend school. According to Hindustan Times, attendance has risen. Especially for girls who particularly never attend (they have different agenda’s then the boys).


These children take little for granted when it comes to the world around them. Take a look at the pure gnar of Ramkesh, age 10 (pictured above) popping some air with no shoes. From what the resources say, they have only 15 boards to share and unlike many of the male persuasions here. Girls go first at Janwaar Castle!


I sincerely hope the next time you complain about anything in skateboarding or everyday life, think of the children in Janwaar village. They are over coming all odds in the name of Skateboarding!

Photos by Pratik Chorge



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