Front’s Alt-Girl Bikini Contest 2017


Prize: Cover Star of Front’s June Issue.

Where:  At the Coyote Ugly, Cardiff.

When: 25Th May 2017.

How to Enter: Send 2 Pictures to along with your Instagram and Full Name. You will be notified within 24 hours if you have made it.


We will be hosting the Annual Alt Girl Bikini Competition at Coyote Ugly Saloon in Cardiff, offering the best Alt Girls from across Britain a chance to be our next COVER STAR.

How the Show Works

You will be on stage twice. The first round is the Bikini round. Second Round is Party Tricks. The Winner will be decided by a panel of Three Judges!


If selected to compete you will be asked to pay £100 and this can be sponsored by a local boutique, salon or friends and family, with that person or business being promoted at the show in your bio which will be read out on stage. It will also include a bespoke promotional social media banner for your Facebook timeline ‘come and watch me compete’.