Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Release Date: 3 June 2016

Distributor: Paramount Pictures

Director: Dave Green

Producer: Michael Bay; Andrew Form; Brad Fuller; Scott Mednick and Galen Walker

Staring:Megan Fox; Will Arnett; Laura Linney; Stephen Amell; Noel Fisher; Jeremy Howard; Pete Ploszek; Alan Ritchson and Tyler Perry


The key to enjoying this movie is to not have outrageous expectations. If you want a mind bending story line that has you talking about it for weeks, go see a Danny Boyle movie. If you want to hear Grammy nominate dialogue, Tarantino. Oscar worthy performances, Scorsese. Mind blowing visuals, Warcraft! However, if you want to see your heroes in a half shell kicking butt, with cheesy dialogue and decent visual effects, then this movie is right for you!

Most of the original cast has returned, with the exception of┬áJohnny Knoxville. For those who don’t know, Johnny Knoxville did the voice over for Leonardo in the first film after “critics” felt that the actual actor’s (Pete Ploszek) voice wasn’t convincing. But apparently it was fine for the sequel, as Pete Ploszek returned to his role, and this time they used his voice. Honestly, I felt it was convincing.

Set shortly after the first movie, Out of the Shadows starts with the escape of Shredder, who, as always, is out to take over the world and destroy all who stands in his way. Sure, the base of story has been played to death… But who cares. It’s Ninja Turtles ala Michael Bay. What did you expect? Remember…set realistic expectations.

If you enjoyed the first one, and can ignore Megan Fox’s amazing acting skills, you will definitely enjoy this movie. The main attractions to this movie are the visual effects and action sequences, so unless you have your own cinema at home, I’d watch this at the movies.