Teenager Rushed to Hospital, Smoked ‘Kush’


Words By: Jay Slayton-Joslin

Front Staff Writer


At least 16 people have had to go to hospital in Hermann Park, Texas after reportedly having inhaled synthetic marijuana. Hermann Park is known by locals as a place where people go to smoke marijuana, and is an area that people go to experiment with drugs.

Synthetic Marijuana Use is High

Speaking on the area and its reputation from locals, Chris Stripes reported that “Kush, or synthetic marijuana wrappers litter the park and that’s nothing new according to emergency crews and to one man that we met at the park.

The Houston Fire Department declined to confirm any diagnosis, but did state that the victims were experiencing symptoms of having uses synthetic marijuana and there were Kush papers in proximity.

Synthetic marijuana has been popular since a media report in 2013 that showed someone acting like a zombie while high. The real issue, however, is that the media report negatively on the effects of marijuana, and the many medicinal and safe recreational uses it has. Marijuana legalisation is a big topic in the USA.

Time for Cannabis Legalisation

Incidents like this would happen far fewer if the substance was legalised, as it means people would have better access to healthier marijuana.

There’s no update on the numbers, nor condition of those that were rushed to hospital. For teens in Hermann Park, and across the USA, we hope that this is one of the last times that this happens.


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