The Crystal Maze comes to Manchester!

Wanna re-live 90 minutes of the 90s? Then The Crystal Maze is definitely the place to be!

After it’s recent success in London, Manchester’s most anticipated attraction is finally open to the public, and we were lucky enough to check it out before the grand opening.

Before the games begin, it’s essential to complete a waiver form. Once you’ve locked your belongings away… yes even your phones, you definitely won’t be needing them for how much fun you’re about to endure! Your team are given an opportunity to have photographs taken in TCM bomber jackets. After this you’re led into a booth where you decide on a team name. Here there’s an opportunity to discuss team tactics and ask any questions before entering the game.

Once the games begin, you’re taken into a room to watch a video featuring the one and only Richard O’Brien. Now I ain’t gonna give too much away but watch out! Once your Maze Master appears it’s time to enter the first zone. The site features all four zones from the original programme; Aztec, futuristic, industrial and medieval. Within these zones different types of games are available to play, such as; mental, mystery, physical and skill.

Each game won = 1 crystal
1 crystal = 5 seconds in the dome to collect tickets
Golden tickets = points

Once your team has completed all four zones and earned as many crystals as possible, it’s time to enter the Crystal Dome, and yes… it’s exactly as it is on the programme. Tickets fly around the dome and the aim is to collect as many as possible, but remember they’re only counted if they’re placed into the clear box. Once you’ve exited the dome it’s time to collect your belongings from your locker and head to reception where your team score is displayed on the leader board. We got 187, think you can beat us?

Massive thanks to Meri for inviting us down to check out The Crystal Maze. Shout-out to Mr Maze Master for giving us the best experience possible, Lauren for showing us around, and thanks to all the staff, you were awesome. We can’t wait to come back!

If you’re interested in checking out The Crystal Maze (which I urge you to do, it’s an amazing experience) head over to their website for bookings and more information, as opening times and prices do vary dependent upon location.