Watch the first trailer for Arrival starring Amy Adams

The first full length trailer for Denis Villeneuve’s latest movie Arrival, has just been released and stars Amy Adams as a linguist and translator who is hired by the government to communicate with aliens who have decided to settle down on Earth.

From the trailer, Arrival seems to be more of a movie that centres around communication and understanding, rather than your traditional “eradication of the human race” movie. However, that isn’t to say things won’t turn sour, as it looks as though even the slightest bit of miscommunication could send the two species into chaos. The film also stars Jeremy Renner and Forest Whitaker.

After the success and critical acclaim of Sicario, which Villeneuve also directed last year, it will be interesting to see Villeneuve’s take on the sci-fi genre once again after his first attempt with the lesser known Enemy.

Arrival is set to have its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival before its wide release on November 16, 2016, by Paramount Pictures.