How to Win at Gambling with 5 Little-Known Secrets


No matter how certain you are, there’s always an element of risk with gambling, so no-one should ever bet more than they can afford. Still, gambling done right can be a lot of fun. What’s more, with a few little-known secrets, there are ways to put the odds ever-so-slightly in your favour. 

Betting is a game, so stop when the fun stops, but — let’s be honest — it’s better if you win! Here are some ways to do it.

  1. Know that Favourites Aren’t Always Favourites

Here’s something the bookies definitely don’t want you to know: they can be really bad at picking favourites.

Think of it from the bookie’s point of view. There are sports happening all over the world all of the time and — as a bookie — you’re expected to have odds and favourites for every possible outcome. Inevitably, there are going to be some weak spots to your system. Indeed, there often are.

It’s easier to talk about this in retrospect, but a lot of tennis fans would have seen Rafael Nadal’s loss to Fabio Fognini at the 2015 Barcelona Open coming. The bookmakers, though, definitely didn’t. That’s because bookmakers don’t have the same amount of data that hardcore fans always have.

From a bookmaker’s perspective, Nadal is always a safe bet on clay because of his track record on that surface. So, from a distance, he looks like an easy favourite. As such, for many bookies, he was.

Upon closer inspection, though, a tennis fan would have been able to tell you that Nadal had been going through a rough patch back then and that Fognini had beaten Nadal on clay only a few months earlier. Not only that, but Fognini had built up something of a reputation for knocking top seeds out of tournaments.

Put all that together and Nadal looks like a pretty weak favourite. As such, a bet against him might not have been such a bad idea. In order to beat the bookies here, you would have had to have been a tennis super-fan. Which brings us to the next point…

  1. Pick Your Game of Skill Wisely and Your Game of Chance for Fun

Some games are just a matter of chance. Playing live roulette online can be enjoyable, but it’s entirely down to luck — and it’s important to know that and to remind yourself of it while you play. If you lose time after time, you’re not “due” a win. If you win time after time, you’re not on a “winning streak”. That roulette wheel is random. Unlike you, it has no memory.

What’s more, with games of chance, casinos and bookmakers always stake the odds against you. That’s how they make so much money because — if the long run — they’re always profitable. Knowing this gives you the power to bet wisely.

Poker and sports betting, on the other hand, require an element of skill. The best poker players in the world became the best in the world by honing their craft and by loving the game for what it is. Yes, there’s risk involved in poker, you should always be aware of that. However, there’s risk involved in skiing, too.

  1. Love the Game for the Sake of the Game

This advice is twofold. Firstly, playing for fun while you’re betting means that you should stop playing when the fun stops. Secondly, playing for fun — with good friends — is a great way to improve your skill at games like poker.

Professional poker players play to win. However, like anyone who ever succeeds at anything, they got where they are because they have a love for the game deep down. That comes from having played poker for years for the sake of playing poker.

Poker is a game you can play with friends for no money or for buy-ins as little as one pound. If you love the game for the sake of the game, you’re much more likely to improve at it.

The same goes for sports betting. If you love watching tennis or football, and love reading all of the commentary surrounding the sport, you’ll wind up knowing it better than the bookies do. That’s when you make your move!

  1. Best Place to Play Live Roulette Online? Seek Expert Advice

Becoming smart enough to beat the bookies or the casinos is also about taking advice from experts. Granted, you’ll never “beat the casino” at live roulette online because it’s not a game of skill and the casino designs the game so that it always has the edge.

However, there are ways in which even some live roulette games online give you slightly better chances than others. A casino offering la partage, for example, let’s you take back half of your stake if the ball lands on zero. What’s more, a casino with a smaller minimum stake is always better.

Expert advice on the best places to play live roulette online is helpful. However, the kind of advice you can apply to games of skill can be used to hone your craft. You can’t get better at chance betting, only smarter. By contrast, reading about the best techniques for poker or sports betting can help you to improve.

  1. Set Yourself a Budget and Never Chase Your Losses

If you set yourself a budget, you can make sure that you won’t bet more than you can afford. Be realistic with this budget, though. Gambling can be an expensive hobby. This isn’t an issue if you do it for the love of the game and if you go into the game with a sensible budget in mind. Creating a budget you can stick to will also stop you from chasing your losses.


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